Oxford Motorcycle Training

If you have chosen Oxfordshire Motorcycle Training to complete your CBT or DAS course, you will be pleased to know our Oxford location is the largest training area in the county.

We've been teaching safe riders in Oxford for over 30 years

The training zone at our Oxford site is the equivalent of two full sized football pitches of open tarmac, giving you ample space to get up to full speed in a safe and controlled environment. To give you some perspective on the size, our training area is so big that you have enough space to complete your module one avoidance manoeuvre without having to put a wheel on a public road. We have found that being able to practice in such a vast space helps our students  to feel more relaxed and confident, which in turn produces better riders. 

Oxford is our preferred training facility for the CBT and the DAS courses and we will always do our best to book you in to train here. Spaces are allocated on a first come, first served basis. If you would like to do your training in an area near you, we do offer training at our other sites around Oxfordshire


Our motorcycle instructors have over 30 years experience in delivering high quality motorbike training in Oxford. For our instructors, biking is a way of life. We believe in allowing riders to learn at their own pace and we pride ourselves on our patient and flexible approach to your learning.

To find out more about the training and courses on offer in Oxford please go to Training and Courses or give us a call for more information and to book on to a course.

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