Direct Access Scheme - DAS

The Direct Access Scheme course enables you to ride motorbikes over 125cc. It is designed for those who would like to get a full and unrestricted motorcycle licence.

What do you need to know about the DAS course?

The DAS course involves all the necessary theory associated with riding a motorbike safely and legally, as well as the practical elements of riding, like balance, turning and stopping. There are various stages to the course, beginning with the CBT course and theory test, then advancing on to the Module One and Module Two tests.

You can take the DAS motorcycle test if you are aged 24 or over or have held an A2 motorcycle license (which is available from the age of 19) for a minimum of 2 years and are following the accelerated access route. If you are under 24, please see our guide to the new test. We also provide a restricted access course for a 125cc licence.

The DAS course needs to be taken on a motorcycle or scooter which is at least 595cc, and has a power output greater than 40kw (53.6bhp). As with all motorcycle tests, if you take the test on a manual bike you will be entitled to ride any bike, both manual and automatic. However, if you pass the DAS test on an automatic bike, your licence will be restricted to automatic bikes only.

Upon successful completion of the DAS motorcycle test, you will be allowed to ride any powered motorbike (or scooter) of your choice unchaperoned, use motorways and carry pillion passengers. It is the motorcycling equivalent of passing your car driving test. 

Module One & Module Two

After you have completed the CBT and Theory Test, we will then prepare you for the two modules which make up the DAS. The purpose of these modules is to demonstrate that you can handle a motorcycle safely and competently on the open road.

Module One

This part of the DAS is all about control. It involves a 20 minute off-road test in a controlled environment, covering extended slow control exercises (including a slow timed ride and U-turn), hazard avoidance, a 32 mph emergency stop, a 20 mph corner and a 32 mph swerve. 

Our various training facilities are perfectly set up for this part of the DAS course. You’ll be pleased to know that our Oxford site is the largest training area in the county, with enough space to complete the module one avoidance manoeuvre without even having to put a wheel on a public road.

Module Two

This part of the DAS is a 40 minute on-road test, during which the examiner will use a radio to give you instructions. As you have already demonstrated your control of the bike in module one of the DAS, this part of the test is to demonstrate your ability to ride safely in a variety of road traffic conditions. Therefore there will be no emergency stops or U-turns during this part of the test.

At the beginning of the test the examiner will ask one of ten possible “show me / tell me” questions about the controls and maintenance of the motorcycle.

What are the training requirements for the Direct Access Scheme (DAS)?

You must be aged 24 or over or hold an existing A2 motorcycle license for a minimum of two years and are following the progressive access route. Check out our new test rules for more information. 

You must be able to competently ride a bike. 

The DAS test must be completed on a motorcycle which is at least 595cc, with a minimum power outlet of 40kw (53.6bhp).

You will need to complete your CBT (Compulsive Basic Training). The CBT is included in our DAS course. If you have already completed your CBT, please let us know when booking the DAS. 

In order to book the DAS motorcycle training course you will need to have passed the motorcycle theory test. The theory test isn’t included with the DAS, it can either be booked independently by you with the DSA, or we can book this for you. 

You need a valid driving licence to be able to complete a Direct Access motorcycle course. This includes, a provisional UK driving licence, a full UK driving license or an EU driving license (this must be supported by a D91 form issued by the DVLA. Applications for a D91 can be obtained by completing a D9 form).

FAQs about our DAS course

Hopefully we can answer some of your DAS related queries here. If not, please get in touch with us.

What if I want to only ride 125cc bikes?


We offer a restricted access course for a 125cc license. Please get in touch with us for more details.


I’m worried I’m too inexperienced for the DAS?


If you are concerned about your standard of riding, please contact us and we can set you up with some sessions to help prepare you for the DAS. The CBT course will help prepare you for the DAS too.


I’m 21 but I have held an A2 motorcycle license for a minimum of 2 years, can I do the DAS?


If you have held the A2 motorcycle license for a minimum of 2 years and are following the accelerated access route, then you are able to complete the DAS. If you are under 24, please see our guide to the new test.


What happens if I fail module one?


If you fail module one, you will not be able to take module two. Module one must be completed first.


Where can I complete my DAS course?


We offer the DAS course at our Oxford, Banbury and Kidlington training centres.

How much does the Direct Access Scheme (DAS) cost?

Please see our pricing page for the current price of our DAS. The price includes. test fees, CBT, tuition, bike hire, damage waiver insurance and bad weather insurance.

For those of you have an up to date CBT, we do offer the DAS course without the CBT included. Please let us know when you book your DAS.

Oxfordshire Motorcycle Training has over 30 years experience in preparing riders for the DAS, so you’re in good hands. All the instructors are friendly and patient, and will make sure you feel comfortable and confident during the training.

If you are nervous, inexperienced, or would like to learn how to drive a manual bike, then get in touch with us. We can organise some sessions to help build your confidence, and ensure that your riding is a suitable standard before attending the DAS training course.

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